The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) is the agency charged with review and approval of Jordan Cove Energy Project’s LNG terminal and Pacific Connector Gas Company’s associated pipeline (“Jordan Cove Project”). Upon receipt of an application, FERC initiates review of the potential environmental impacts of a proposed project under the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”). The NEPA process entails substantial public comment periods and results in both a draft environmental impact statement (“EIS”) and a final EIS prior to FERC issuing a final decision on the application.

The following draft documents were submitted to FERC during the pre-filing process for the Jordan Cove Energy Project (JCEP) and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline (PCGP).

  • ​Draft documents submitted for the JCEP can be found here.
  • Draft documents submitted for the PCGP can be found here.

On September 21, 2017, applications for JCEP and PCGP were submitted to FERC triggering FERC’s formal review of the applications. On September 22, 2017, FERC assigned the following docket numbers: JCEP Docket No. CP-17-495 and PCGP Docket No. CP17-494. The JCEP application can be found here. The PCGP application can be found here. Each of the applications has been assigned a separate docket number as they are subject to separate provisions of the Natural Gas Act.

We currently anticipate FERC issuing a decision on the applications in November of 2018. Information submitted to FERC can be accessed on FERC’s website through its elibrary at under the docket numbers: JCEP Docket No. CP-17-495 and PCGP Docket No. CP17-494.

The following documents have been submitted to FERC for the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal.


Resource Report 1

Resource Report 2

Resource Report 3

Resource Report 4

Resource Report 5

Resource Report 6

Resource Report 7

Resource Report 8

Resource Report 9

Resource Report 10

Resource Report 11

Resource Report 12

Resource Report 13

There are also a number of federal, state and local agencies who will be required to issue permits for the Jordan Cove Project. Below is a partial list of some of the federal and state agencies that will issue permits or review the project.




  • There are numerous local land use permits that must be obtained.