Jobs & Training

Job creation is important to any community and Coos Bay is no exception. Jordan Cove LNG will directly and indirectly create the kind of employment opportunities communities need to thrive.

Direct employment

Direct employment includes construction jobs as well employees that will be required to operate the terminal on a day-to-day basis. During construction, Jordan Cove LNG will employ an average of 930 people over a four-year period. Once construction is complete, Jordan Cove LNG will employ more than 175 people.

Indirect employment

Indirect employment includes jobs created by Jordan Cove LNG such as sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, tugboat crews and emergency planners to ensure the resources are in place to support the responsible operations of the facility, as well as hundreds of others indirect jobs.

Induced jobs

Induced jobs are the result of direct and indirect employment that generates business for other parts of the community. For example, increased traffic at a restaurant creates the need for more service staff. We estimate Jordan Cove LNG could create more than 175 induced jobs for Coos Bay.

Partnership with Labor

Jordan Cove LNG’s construction contractor has executed a Project Labor Agreement with the Oregon Building and Construction Trades Council, the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 701. This agreement ensures the project will be built with local, skilled union Labor with a long track record of safely completing complex industrial projects on time.