Jordan Cove LNG, and its associated infrastructure, is the single largest private investment in Oregon’s history. Jordan Cove LNG promises to establish the International Port of Coos Bay as a major hub on the west coast of the United States, but there are other, tangible benefits to the community and surrounding area.


At peak construction, the terminal will create over 2,000 well-paying jobs, with approximately 175 permanent positions once the facility opens.

A boost for local businesses

The construction and operation of the facility will create revenue for local businesses, either as official suppliers or through increased business from a growing workforce.

Tax revenue

Revenue from Jordan Cove LNG will help fund infrastructure projects and local services.

Community investment

Through the Community Enhancement Plan, Jordan Cove LNG will invest in the community of Coos Bay, helping to fund infrastructure projects, schools, police and fire departments, and other programs, facilities and services that will help the community thrive.